Have you ever wondered if you should see a chiropractor for back pain some other kind of medical issue? Millions of people visit chiropractors each year for a multitude of reasons. About 35 million people see chiropractors every year. That’s about one-tenth of the U.S. population.

The number of visits to chiropractic physicians is growing at a rapid rate, primarily due to the new social emphasis on natural medicine. Chiropractic treatment uses no drugs and no surgery. For many millions of adults who value long-term, holistic health, there is no better form of medical practice than chiropractic.

You’ve probably heard of chiropractors doing adjustments and helping patients who suffer from back pain, which is just one of the many things chiropractors do. In fact, there are hundreds of reasons people seek out chiropractic care.

Who Should Get Chiropractic Treatment?

Of course, if you have any type of back pain, or want to avoid becoming a victim of back problems, seeing a chiropractor is a smart move. That’s because chiropractic physicians specialize in all ailments related to the health of the spine. But there’s much more to the chiropractic mission than that.

Here’s a short list of the kinds of conditions chiropractors treat. If you suffer from one or several of them, then it makes sense to visit a chiropractor near you:

  • Back pain: Chiropractic is an effective way to get short or long-term relief from back pain. It’s one of the primary reasons for physical disability all over the world and is perhaps the main reason people seek out chiropractic treatment.
  • Headaches:Migraines and other kinds of headaches are at the top of the list of conditions chiropractors treat, along with neck pain and back pain. In fact, a standard spinal adjustment and other manipulations can go a long way toward relieving headaches of all kinds and even preventing them from recurring.
  • Pregnancy-related issues: Pregnant women turn to chiropractors to alleviate morning sickness, back problems and to decrease the risk of post-partum pain and sickness. Because a pregnancy is such a life-changing event, women want to maintain their health from early in their pregnancies. Low-back pain, headaches, and nausea are major concerns for expectant mothers.
  • Arthritis: People who suffer from long-term arthritis or milder, temporary versions of the malady often turn to chiropractors for help. The Arthritis Foundation notes that not only does chiropractic medicine help with symptoms but it can also address lifestyle changes that help people to minimize their pain and gain more pain-free hours in each day of their lives. One of the great advantages of chiropractic care for older people who suffer from arthritis is that it’s drug free and involves no surgery. Millions of older adults are allergic to pain medication so chiropractic treatment is a smart way to get safe relief from pain without drugs or surgery.
  • Neck pain: Chiropractors can perform spinal manipulations and other forms of treatment to help people overcome neck pain. After the pain is gone, most patients return regularly to maintain optimal neck and spine health. Neck pain is a typical result of auto accidents and can be totally debilitating unless treated quickly and properly. Many chiropractors specialize in emergency treatment for neck and back injuries.
  • Exercise and sports injuries: The back, neck, and spine are at the root of many sports injuries, but chiropractors can work with any joint in the body to help patients get relief from pain and natural, healthy healing. It’s common nowadays for professional athletes to visit chiropractors regularly as a preventive measure. The doctor trains the athletes to practice better spine health, sleep on a better mattress, and avoid foods that harm the body. Though not widely known, the main reason that many people see chiropractors is to prevent injury and illness, and to maintain a lifestyle that promotes optimum health.
  • Menstrual discomfort: Because chiropractors treat the body’s central nervous system, they are able to help women overcome the many problems associated with menstrual pain.
  • Colon and bowel conditions: The colon-bowel system is controlled by the central nervous system and most of its problems can be addressed by a chiropractor. The doctor can help you promote long-term colon and bowel health and work to restore regularity to your digestive system.
  • Sinus-related illnesses:Chiropractic manipulations can work to relieve even the most stubborn sinus conditions.
  • Sleep problems: Many sleep problems are related to the central nervous system’s disruptions, which means that spinal adjustments can go a long way toward restoring restful, regular sleep in most children an adults.
  • Scoliosis: This common condition consists of a spine that is out of line to a certain extent, even twisted in some cases. Chiropractors are experts at aligning the spine and often work with patients who suffer from scoliosis.
  • Stress relief Chiropractic adjustments often lead to lower stress levels, which is a common complaint among many working adults. People who visit a chiropractor on a regular basis often report lower levels of general stress, often related to less back pain, more restful sleep, and better colon health. Many of the conditions that chiropractors treat are interrelated. Better sleep, for example, leads to less stress. A less painful back can mean better posture and a generally more positive outlook on life.

Why Do People Trust Chiropractors?

There are probably as many reasons as there are people, but the most common reasons why chiropractic patients trust their doctors include the following:

  • Treatment is performed without drugs or surgery
  • Chiropractors are thoroughly trained for four years in medical school
  • Chiropractors are physicians and are thus able to accept most medical insurance plans
  • Patients trust chiropractors to help them achieve long-term health, not quick-fix solutions
  • Chiropractic fees are reasonable, affordable, and reflect the actual cost of care
  • Many chiropractic treatment methods are preventive
  • Pregnant women can get chiropractic care to alleviate the many pains associated with having a child
  • Both children and adults can benefit from a chiropractor’s services

Those are just a few of the reasons people put their faith in chiropractic medicine. If you know someone who sees a chiropractor on a regular basis, or if you have received care from a chiropractor in the past, you can probably add some reasons to the list.

Making the Decision to Become Healthy

If you’ve been “on the fence” about seeing a chiropractor, the team at Delaware Integrative Medicine wants you to know that you can contact us anytime and ask questions. We are currently accepting new patients and are always happy to speak with people who are considering chiropractic care. Our staff will be happy to speak with you when you call. There is never an obligation for a short consultation.

Our team of physicians is experienced in all areas of chiropractic treatment, from back and neck pain issues to pregnancy-related pain and wellness. We look forward to hearing from you.