While most people associate a visit to the chiropractor with back and neck pain, there’s actually a whole world of healing that can come from chiropractic adjustments. One of the most surprising benefits of chiropractic care is better circulation. Decreased blood flow can really slow us down. However, very few people make the connection between poor circulation and the mysterious, frustrating symptoms they’re experiencing. If you’re dealing with cold, tingling extremities right now, you already know how unsettling these symptoms can be. Fortunately, getting back in balance using a whole-body approach may help you to feel like yourself again. Take a look at the basics of how chiropractic care can be benefit you if you’re experiencing the telltale signs of poor circulation.

What Is Poor Blood Flow?

Proper circulation is vital for feeling our best. When blood flows through the body, it actually carries all of the oxygen and nutrients that our cells need to thrive. When our circulation is hampered in any way, a host of very troubling symptoms can show up. Here’s a look at some signs of poor circulation:

  • Cold extremities.
  • Numbness in the extremities.
  • Tingling feelings in your fingers and toes.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Throbbing in your limbs.
  • Swelling of the feet, ankles and legs.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Nausea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fainting.
  • General fatigue.

When we are living with poor circulation, everything becomes more difficult. The “slowing down” of our blood flow means that we simply don’t have the supply we need coming into our brain, limbs and extremities to perform everyday functions. While even day-to-day activities can become laborious when we’re suffering from poor circulation, strenuous activities like working out, hiking, playing with our children, taking care of chores and doing manual labor can become nearly impossible. For many people, weakness and fatigue set in quickly as their blood supply tries to keep up with the actions they are doing. It’s not uncommon for people with poor circulation to faint when trying to perform strenuous activities. In fact, some people with poor circulation actually have the experience of “seeing stars” every time they get out of bed in the morning.

The Importance of Treating Poor Circulation

A blockage in your vertebrae is a common cause of poor circulation. However, it’s also important to know that reduced blood circulation can be caused by some very serious health issues. The list includes diabetes, blood clots and peripheral artery disease. For this reason, it’s very important to have a medical examination if you’re suffering from symptoms of poor circulation. Once you can rule out a very serious, potentially life-threatening disease, it’s time to investigate a deeper cause that is often overlooked by doctors. In the case of a blockage within the spine or central nervous system, blood cannot reach areas of the body even though the heart is pumping at a completely normal rate. Only by pinpointing the area of restriction can proper circulation be restored to your entire body.

How Chiropractic Care Helps to Improve Circulation

Just one vertebra being out of alignment due to an injury, strain or repetitive motion can cause your circulation to be severely compromised in a way that reverberates throughout your body. For many people, the first sign that something is out of alignment is a cold or tingly sensation that runs through the toes or fingers. The reason why this happens is because our fingers and toes are so far away from the heart. Once circulation decreases, blood cannot reach these areas as quickly as it should. Here’s a blueprint for what a circulation issue caused by a blockage looks like:

  • An injury in the spine occurs due to force, strain, posture, repetitive motion or some other cause.
  • A vertebral disc is pushed out of alignment to form a subluxation (blockage). You may or may not actually feel the pain associated with the misaligned disc.
  • The subluxation causes your blood supply to reduce in pressure as it routes through your thoracic spine.
  • A reduction in your blood flow’s circulatory force occurs.
  • Finally, you begin to notice symptoms like coldness or tingling.

In many cases, the symptoms of poor circulation are really only signaling a much larger problem that is being overlooked. When you’re living with a subluxation, your central nervous system is being compromised on a daily basis. For many people, this can lead to long-term pain, fatigue, headaches, digestive issues and more. In fact, many report that they feel better beyond just ending the “cold” and “tingling” in their fingers and toes after being treated for poor circulation caused by a subluxation.

Why a Spinal Adjustment May Be the Answer

A restriction in your spine or central nervous system may be to blame for reduced blood flow that is making you uncomfortable, slowing you down and putting your long-term health at risk. To treat poor circulation, chiropractors treat the slipped or misaligned discs that are at the root of the problem. Using a mix of manual stimulation and other techniques, chiropractors are able to release pressure from the nerves in the spine to allow proper blood flow to be restored. This process allows your blood to “feed” your joints properly once more! The process also helps to boost the health and structural integrity of your spine to help your central nervous system bounce back to optimal performance. Many patients see immediate differences when it comes to things like pain and inflammation.

The reason why chiropractic care restores circulation so effectively is because this is an approach to care that takes the whole body into consideration during treatment. Chiropractors formulate treatment plans with the understanding that all of your organs are intricately connected to your central nervous system. This is precisely why treating coldness or tingling in your fingers and toes actually begins with your spine!

What to Do If You Want to Treat Poor Circulation Naturally

First, it’s important to rule out any underlying health issues that could be responsible for your poor circulation. You can then consider seeing a chiropractor to help restore full, bountiful blood flow throughout your body for optimal comfort and performance. While many patients see results after just one visit, it may take several visits before a subluxation can be fully resolved. The length of treatment often depends on the nature and severity of a blockage. Chiropractors take a whole-body, holistic approach to wellness. As a result, your chiropractor will likely speak with you about practices and habits for helping to maintain proper circulation naturally. This can range from everything from specific exercises to dietary choices.

Living with cold, tingling fingers and toes isn’t natural, normal or healthy! Don’t tell yourself that you’re simply “one of those people with hands that are always cold” to dismiss your worries. If your blood is having a hard time getting to your extremities, there’s a very good chance that there’s an underlying condition that is causing poor circulation. Make an appointment with a chiropractor today to finally get to the bottom of your poor circulation. Healthy circulation is part of the vibrant, active life you deserve to live!