Millennials are known for starting trends that the rest of the world ends up dancing right along with. However, there’s one trend that’s popular among the younger crowd right now that millennials actually borrowed from their parents. In an unexpected twist, millennials are gravitating toward chiropractic care in droves. In fact, this demographic is taking spine health and injury prevention extremely seriously. Why are millennials so quick to embrace chiropractic care? It turns out that this wellness option is perfectly aligned with the holistic, open-minded principles that millennials choose to live by. The best part is that a person of any age can take some cues from today’s trendsetters because the decisions they’re making are actually backed by years of research. Take a look at five reasons why millennials are embracing chiropractic care.

1. Wisdom: They’re Smart About Preventing Serious Injuries Down the Road

Millennials are part of the “screen generation.” These young adults have been using screens, tablets, phones and other devices for their entire lives. As a result, they understand the impact that a “tech” life can have on the body.

The truth is that we’re really hurting ourselves by spending so much time immersed in screens. However, obligations like work and school make it impossible to unplug. Issues like neck stiffness, wrist pain and headaches are common when you spend a significant amount of your learning, shopping and socializing using devices. In fact, the phenomenon of “text neck” that has already created severe neck and spinal issues for millions of millennials is now getting mainstream attention. While news outlets are just catching on, this is something that chiropractors have been ringing the alarm bells over for years. Here are some other common issues that millennials are treating through chiropractic care:

  • Pain caused by poor posture.
  • Untreated injuries from school sports.
  • Tension headaches.
  • Digestive issues.
  • Depression and anxiety.

Millennials are simply more conscious about preventing aches and pains than previous generations because they’re already feeling the pain. While older generations may not have worried about aches and pains until they were past the age of 40, many millennials are already feeling the lingering impact of looking at screens all day long. Millennials are deciding that 25 is too young to simply “live with” back pain.

2: Cynicism: They Want the Freedom to Make Medical Choices Without Dealing With Insurance

While many insurance plans do cover chiropractic visits, millennials see chiropractic care as an avenue to treatment that doesn’t necessarily require insurance. Many have also had the experience of seeing doctor after doctor without necessarily seeing results. However, those unfruitful visits did provide lessons in just how expensive traditional diagnostic and care approaches can be. By contrast, chiropractic care opens the door to enjoy holistic, personalized care without the need for going “through the system.” Additionally, millennials hoping to stay out of the confusing and chaotic medical system see chiropractic care as a route to wellness that can prevent many illnesses and injuries. The cost-effective nature of chiropractic care has been documented. Researchers have found that using a chiropractor either alone or in conjunction with a traditional doctor allows patients to incur fewer charges for lower-back pain than when care from a traditional doctor is used alone.

3. Openness: They Can Think Outside the Box

When millennials hear about using chiropractic adjustments to treat underlying blockages to stop pain and inflammation, they get excited. Curious by nature, they love the idea of putting all of the pieces together to get to the bottom of health issues like mood problems, headaches, aches, pains or fatigue. The fact that they’ve grown up in a digital world where communities come together to share information and solve problems allows them to be outside-the-box thinkers who embrace alternative medicine without many of the preconceived notions that peppered the perceptions of their parents.

4. Wholeness: They Embrace Natural Choices

Unfortunately, millennials have learned the hard way that “conventional wisdom” isn’t always rooted in what’s best for the patient. Many younger people are doing their best to avoid traditional routes for pain relief after witnessing the destructive results of the opioid crisis. Uninterested in simply being prescribed a pill to treat pains or injuries, millennials are seeking true, permanent resolutions to their issues. Here are the top reasons why chiropractic care is so attractive to millennials looking for natural treatments:

  • Chiropractic care is noninvasive. It is often a route for avoiding expensive surgeries.
  • Chiropractors don’t prescribe painkillers to mask problems.
  • Chiropractors use personalized spinal adjustments and manual techniques to help clients manage pain.
  • Chiropractic care is focused on helping the body to get back into alignment. This makes it possible for the body to return to optimal functioning while healing itself.
  • Chiropractors take “pain complaints” seriously because they understand the concept of referred pain. That means that you may feel pain in one area of your body even though the cause is located in a different area of your body. Unfortunately, this type of pain is often dismissed by doctors.

Millennials also appreciate the fact that working with chiropractors allows them to become informed patients. They would like to be able to actually understand why they are experiencing pain or discomfort. What’s more, they’d like to take active roles in treating underlying problems. They are also interested in learning about preventative measures and lifestyle changes that can help them to stay in optimal condition.

5. Innovation: They Are Simply Looking to Find What Works Best

Millennials ultimately feel that their needs aren’t being served by traditional medicine. They would like to break the mold to find a better way to thrive. They also understand the brain-body connection that is often ignored in traditional medical settings. While they use chiropractic care to heal aches and pains, they also know that the relaxation offered by this form of therapeutic care creates benefits for mood and emotional well-being. That’s simply something that they’ve never received from a traditional doctor’s office before!

Millennials Are Leading the Way to a Healthier Future

While it’s easy to make jokes about the nonconformist approach to life that millennials take, there is something deeper going on that could ultimately change the healthcare landscape for the better. Millennials are rejecting things that don’t work when they look for holistic alternatives to health and wellness. By embracing chiropractic care today, many are setting themselves up for healthier, pain-free lives. Ultimately, this turn toward natural healing may help millennials to undo the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, opioid addiction and chronic pain that are preventing so many people from living the healthy, active lifestyles they desire.

Of course, you don’t have to be a millennial to embrace chiropractic care. You also don’t have to “reject” mainstream medicine in order to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. Most patients who seek chiropractic care for pain are also working with other physicians as part of larger plans for health, healing and wellness. The benefit of bringing a chiropractor into the mix is that you’re getting treatment coming from a perspective of whole-body wellness that’s focused on detecting underlying issues to get your body in optimal condition for healing and rejuvenation. That’s something that every generation deserves!