Among the millions of people who use chiropractic services every year, many of them are professional athletes. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of the famous golfers, basketball players, swimmers, Olympic gold medalists, and others who turn to chiropractic care as soon as they notice the discomfort, or even severe pain, associated with an injury.

Of course, not every athlete who relies on chiropractic professionals for top-notch care are household names. Most are players on college, league, and recreational teams that you’ve never heard of. That’s because chiropractic care is one of the best ways to not only treat but also prevent serious injuries on and off the field.

Athletes Who Rely on Chiropractic Care

Here’s a very short list of famous athletes who turn to chiropractic physicians when injury strikes:

  • Lance Armstrong: The king of cycling is a huge fan of chiropractic care and credits it with keeping him in top shape for many years
  • Michael Phelps: The Olympic gold medalist has long been a fan of chiropractic care.
  • Tom Brady: The NFL’s top quarterback, and perhaps one of the greatest of all time, is a regular visitor in his chiropractor’s office.
  • Michael Jordan: The basketball legend has been one of the most ardent supporters of chiropractic medicine.
  • Tiger Woods: Golf legend Tiger sees his chiropractor regularly.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: The body-building legend, movie star, and former Governor of California has long put his trust in chiropractic.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: The soccer great is a great fan of chiropractic care and credits it with helping his back problems.
  • Joe Montana: Once known as “The Comeback Kid,” (in college), the football great has been a regular visitor in chiropractic clinics for decades and gives credit to the profession for keeping him healthy throughout his long career.
  • Arnold Palmer: The late golfing legend, often called golf’s first super-star, was a huge fan of chiropractic and regularly visited his personal physician for more than 50 years.

Professional Leagues That Regularly Use Chiropractic Care

Numerous professional leagues have on-call teams of chiropractors that help out when game-related injuries strike. A few of the leagues that employ chiropractors on an on-going basis include the following:

  • The Professional Golfers Association (PGA): Walter Hagen, one of the game’s greatest players ever, once said, “Golfers need to keep an eye on their backs.” Hagen’s only partly-humorous comment was his way of saying that a successful golf career is more dependent on a healthy back than perhaps any other part of the human body. That’s why nearly every PGA touring professional sees an Association chiropractor regularly.
  • The National Football League (NFL): The NFL has taken a lot of media heat recently for the many injuries incurred by players, especially concussions. But while head injuries might be the most talked-about form of a football injury, players also suffer thousands of neck, back, arm, and leg injuries every season. That’s why the NFL has on-staff chiropractors at every game.
  • Major League Baseball (MLB): Baseball is like golf, in a way. There aren’t as many serious injuries as you see in football, but back and neck problems are common among many players. If you ever closely watch the body mechanics of a baseball player’s body when he’s hitting a ball, you’ll understand why the league has chiropractors on duty throughout the season and offers chiropractic care to all players whenever they want it.

The Special Case of Wrestling and Weightlifting

It’s interesting and exciting to hear of all the big-name athletes who use chiropractic medicine as part of their quest to stay in top shape and get injury relief when they need it. But the sports of Olympic wrestling and weightlifting include thousands of athletes and former athletes whose names you’ve never heard. Because of the unique physical challenges of their sports, they tend to use chiropractic treatment as their first-tier option for prevention and injury care.

The incredible stress the body endures during a routine wrestling match or weightlifting workout can cause anyone’s musculature to go awry. It’s not surprising, then, that you’ll notice several nearby chiropractors whenever you watch Olympic competitions in these sports. Stressed backs, pulled necks, and shoulder dislocations are just a few of the frequent injuries these amazing athletes face day in and day out.

It’s Not Just Famous Athletes

Famous and non-famous athletes use chiropractic care, as noted above. But what about non-athletes who happen to be well-known celebrities? Names like Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Dolly Parton, Marlo Thomas, Betty White, and Cindy Crawford are several of the hundreds of major stars who use and endorse chiropractic care. Many of the older celebrities like Betty White and the late Bob Hope (who lived to the age of 100) often give, or gave, credit to their personal chiropractic physicians whenever they get a chance.

Some celebrities, because their jobs often include frequent travel, seek out chiropractic “walk-in” clinics whenever they’re on the road. Most of the names listed above make it a point to have a favorite chiropractic clinic in several major U.S. cities. That way, if they’re shooting a film or TV commercial outside the comfort of their home town, they can still take advantage of regular chiropractic visits to stay in good form.

What About High School Sports?

A lot is said in the media about top professionals and even college athletes who seek out and obtain routine chiropractic care. You seldom hear about high school football, baseball, tennis players, and other young athletes who see chiropractors on a regular basis. It’s a fact that millions of high-school-age sports enthusiasts, whether on varsity teams or not, seek chiropractic treatment for injuries and to prevent them. Parents whose children play high-school sports have found that chiropractic visits can not only help prevent many common sports injuries but are an ideal way to quickly and efficiently treat sore backs, necks, and more.