Non-Surgical Treatment for Disc Herniation

Chronic back pain caused by a disc herniation can lead to severe, often debilitating, pain in those who suffer from it, affecting both their quality of life and ability to work. Until recently, treatment for this condition has consisted mainly of spinal surgery and the use of narcotic pain reducers. Although these options can lead to relief, they both come with risks and potentially serious complications and side effects. Alternatives such as physical therapy and acupuncture can be less invasive, but often have limited results when it comes to disc herniation, leaving patients with few options. However, a cutting edge therapy called Advanced Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Technology is revolutionizing the treatment of chronic back pain and finally providing those who suffer a safe and effective solution.

What is a disc herniation?

A disc herniation occurs when one of the gel-like cushions separating the vertebrae bulges out through the center, placing pressure on nerves and surrounding tissue. Although this can be caused by trauma or work-related injury, it is most often a degenerative problem associated with age. Conditions caused by disc herniation include sciatica, muscle weakness, in-coordination, bladder and bowel weakness, and erectile dysfunction.

How does Advanced Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Technology work?

This treatment works by stretching the spine in a very controlled and specific manner in order to target specific discs within the spinal column. As the spine is stretched and the discs are decompressed, a negative pressure (much like a vacuum effect) is created, pulling the herniated disc back into place, relieving pressure, and allowing for the negative conditions associated with herniated discs to heal. This treatment is completed over multiple sessions and is completely painless. Due to the advanced patient monitoring system, the computerized technology will continuously monitor how your body reacts while under care and make instantaneous changes so that your body is always in a state of relaxation.

How do I know if Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Technology is right for me?

Although this non-surgical therapy has a high success rate and is helping patients across the country find relief from their back pain, it is unfortunately not the right treatment plan for everyone. If you are interested in this type of treatment, the best advice is to schedule a consultation with a chiropractor familiar with these techniques. At Middletown Chiropractic, we perform a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of your symptoms and the severity of the disc damage. We will also look to see if there are any reasons why you may not be a candidate for this non-surgical therapy, such as pregnancy or other back conditions. After determining the location of the disc herniation, and the severity of your symptoms, we will be able to program our technology to your body’s exact specifications and begin a treatment plan.

Middletown Chiropractic Provides Spinal Decompression for Clients!

We are excited to bring this groundbreaking treatment to our patients! Helping you live your best life is our goal and we want to provide our community with the best, most advanced non-surgical spinal decompression technology offered on the market today. At Middletown Chiropractic, we are ensuring that our patients have the highest probability of recovery. We have treated patients that have had such severe disc herniation pain that they couldn’t walk, have lost their jobs because they couldn’t work, have severe sciatic pain, muscular weakness, and in-coordination. Despite all of this, by the end of care, many were completely pain-free! Don’t continue to suffer from the pain of disc herniation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ennis and find out if advanced non-surgical decompression technology can help you!