Many women wonder whether about the advantages of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Not only is it wise and safe to see a chiropractor regularly, especially during pregnancy, but you’ll enjoy several key advantages when you do so, like less pain, reduced labor and delivery time, and less nausea.

Perhaps the first question mothers-to-be ask is about safety. They wonder if their delicate condition prevents them from being able to take advantage of all the benefits that chiropractic has to offer. In fact, the American Pregnancy Organization points out that all chiropractors are trained to work with patients who are expecting or who recently gave birth to a child. Not only can your chiropractor give you medical advice during and after pregnancy, but the doctor can treat you right up to your delivery date.

There are chiropractors who specialize in treating pregnant women and who receive specialized training in order to do so. These doctors take coursework that gives them additional expertise in post-natal and prenatal care. There’s never a question about whether a chiropractor can treat a woman who is expecting,

Five Reasons to See a Chiropractor During Your Pregnancy

Of course, there are more than five reasons to see a chiropractor if you are expecting, but the following list offers a general description for some of the most common things patients see help with. Many are pain-related but at least some of the reasons involve long-term health and wellness. Keep in mind that no two women experience pregnancy in exactly the same way. For some, the process is painful and traumatic, for others it involves much less pain and discomfort.

The different ways women feel during and after pregnancy is individual, has a lot to do with genetic responses to pain, and can even include cultural expectations about what pregnancy will be like. In all, seeing a chiropractor regularly, both during and after pregnancy, is a good way to make sure your body is at its best, your pain levels are minimized, and your long-term wellness is assured.

  • Reduced labor time: It’s a fact that women who receive regular chiropractic treatment, primarily in the form of spine adjustments, are able to endure labor and delivery more easily than those who have not receive care from a chiropractic physician. Simply put, regular adjustments help align your back in such a way that not only is labor pain reduced but the amount of time you will be in labor is also minimized.

    These benefits apply to all mothers who get chiropractic care, whether they are facing their first or tenth pregnancy. There have been many studies done on this subject and the bottom line is that if you take advantage of chiropractic care during pregnancy, you could reduce your labor time by up to two hours. That benefit alone is enough to make up the minds of many pregnant women.
  • Less nausea: Some of the most harrowing stories you hear about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy have to do with “morning sickness,” or generalized nausea. Everyone has heard about how painful and awful pregnancy-related nausea can be. The only real strategy is to be prepared and take every measure to minimize this quite challenging part of normal pregnancy. What are some of the usual symptoms of morning sickness?

    Well, it doesn’t always happen in the morning, for starters. Intense nausea can occur any time of day while you are expecting, and can lead to depression, severe weight loss, significant dehydration, and high levels of stress. For all sorts of complex reasons, nausea often leads to back pain. Women who have been trained by their chiropractors to reduce and minimize the effects of back pain have a distinct advantage when morning sickness appears.

    In fact, there is no sure cure for pregnancy-related nausea, but you can deal with the standard aches and pains if you know how to relax, sleep in a beneficial position, and not place undue physical stress on your body in the days and weeks leading up to delivery. Regular sessions with a chiropractor can help you minimize the discomfort for morning sickness.
  • Fewer general aches and pains: As the baby continues to grow and become heavier, the mother’s balance center shifts around and often leads to postural abnormalities, neck pain, joint pain, and back pain. Not only does the center of gravity move around from day to day, but the woman’s pelvis can become seriously misaligned. In short, when your body contains a moving, growing, living organism like a human child, you are susceptible to all sorts of aches and pains associated with the pregnancy. It’s important to keep the pelvis and spine in proper alignment as much as possible in order to minimize all forms of pain.
  • Reduces sciatic pain: When low-back pain begins to radiate into the legs, you’re likely experiencing sciatic nerve problems, which can cause some rather severe forms of discomfort. Chiropractic treatment can focus on eliminating the causes of sciatic nerve problems and help expectant mothers live with much less pain.
  • Reduces low-back pain: Undue stress on your lumbar spine is the main reason for low-back pain during pregnancy. Not only does this form of pain visit the woman during pregnancy but afterwards also. In fact, low-back pain is one of the most common challenges pregnant women and new mothers endure. A chiropractor can help keep the body in better alignment in order to minimize or altogether avoid low-back pain for the expectant mother or new mother.

Common Questions Women Have About Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

If you have found yourself asking any of the following questions, feel free to contact the Delaware Integrative Medicine office for more information. We’re always glad to act as a resource for pregnant women who wonder about the advantages of chiropractic care. Here are some of the questions we hear, and consult with our patients about, frequently:

  • How soon after getting pregnant should I begin seeing a chiropractor?
  • Do I need any special kind of treatment if this is my first pregnancy?
  • How soon after delivery should I return to my chiropractor for a check-up?
  • Will my insurance cover chiropractic care during and after pregnancy?

Do any of those questions sound familiar? Are they on your “I’ve got to ask my chiropractor about that” list? If so, contact one of our staff members for more information.

Taking Action To Protect Your Health During Pregnancy

At Delaware Integrative Medicine, our team of chiropractic physicians knows how to deliver the full range of benefits to our patients who are expecting. Our goal is to make every pregnant woman’s experience less painful, less stressful, and less complicated.

We have years of experience in treating expectant mothers both during and after pregnancy, so contact our office at your convenience for a no-obligation question-and-answer session. We are currently accepting new patients and, as usual, always treat all our clients with the utmost respect and confidentiality they so clearly deserve.

Phone a member of our Delaware Integrative Medicine staff today and get your questions answered or set up an appointment to come in for an exam. It’s never too late to make your health a priority. We look forward to hearing from you.